Father and daughter Engels both make paintings on canvas. They created an NFT (non-fungible token) from some exceptional works that they offer online.


Two burnt paintings by Peter Engels become NFT

In April 2021, a serious fire destroyed 10 paintings by Peter Engels. His entire summer exhibition “Bond & Girls” literally went up in flames. A few years of work was reduced to ashes in no time. 2 of the burned paintings now become NFTs. For example, you can become the owner of the digital image “No Time to Die”, a photo of the painted portrait of James Bond actor Daniel Craig with his classic Aston Martin DB5. The second NFT is the burnt portrait of 007 actor Sean Connery. You will receive a certificate of authenticity and a digital print with every NFT.


NFT + painting by Montana Engels, known from Belgium’s got Talent

We know Montana Engels from Belgium’s Got Talent and then also from all her international speed paintings, where she painted an invisible portrait with glue in a few minutes, threw glitter at it and thereby revealed the portrait in all its glory. Daughter Montana Engels also masters portraiture and created 3 paintings in her own style that are offered together with the digital NFT.


3 painted portraits with NFT

For example, Montana Engels painted the powerful portrait of basketball player Michael Jordan at one of his high points in his career, the moment when he received his award deeply moved. The second painting with NFT is “Evlon”, her abstract realistic portrait that radiates an emotion that everyone can interpret differently. Montana’s third original work with NFT is Audrey Hepburn’s portrait, elegant and with a modern rose twist.


Michael Jackson painting starts to cry

Peter Engels offers a third NFT, namely the portrait of Michael Jackson. This painting suffered water damage during a nighttime storm in a French art gallery. As a result, Michael Jackson appears to be crying and tears are rolling down his cheeks. It seems like a paranormal phenomenon or a message from the grave. But Peter Engels has a plausible explanation for it. He made the painting on the island of Lombok and incorporated beach sand into the paint. This may make the paint less resistant to water. Peter Engels restored the painting, but without removing the tears. Mother Nature made the painting perfect. Peter Engels now offers the real restored painting along with the NFT of what it looked like before the water damage. Of course also with certificate of authenticity and a digital print.