Brigitte Bardot comments on the portrait paintings that Peter Engels painted of her.

Over the years Peter Engels became friends with a fan of his work, Chris De Cleyn. Because Chris is so proud of the series of paintings that Peter Engels made with Brigitte Bardot as a model, Chris sent her the pictures of the paintings. Brigitte Bardot was charmed and loved the art. She commented, drew hearts and flowers, signed the photos and sent them back to Chris. He was over the moon.

Brigitte Bardot comments that she loves the art by Peter Engels
Brigitte Bardot comments that she loves the art by Peter Engels

Peter Engels recently made a whole series of fictional portraits with the young Brigitte Bardot as his model. Paintings of which there are no photos anywhere. You have never seen her like Peter Engels painted her.

A striking feature of the most recent paintings after the great storage fire is that Peter Engels uses slightly more daring colours. Fewer close-ups, more female models, nudity and some sensuality have also recently surfaced. Is it a new era in his work?

The fire in which Peter Engels lost 10 paintings has inspired him to never give up and to paint even more passionately. The most recent works are all artistic gems that also sell easily.

The appreciation that Brigitte Bardot has expressed by commenting the paintings encourages the artist to also make a beautiful portrait of her for his upcoming exhibition in London. For Peter Engels, exhibiting in chic Chelsey is a premiere. After Art Basel Miami, New York, Monaco, Fiac Paris, now also London.

In London, Peter Engels already has several well-known art collectors who own work by him. Recently, the portrait of James Bond actor Daniel Craig traveled to the UK capital. The artwork found a new home there at probably the largest 007 collector in the world.

View the Brigitte Bardot art by Peter Engels (paintings and sculptures).

Brigitte Bardot •SOLD•

Brigitte Bardot • SOLD •

Brigitte Bardot sculpture

Brigitte Bardot behind shutters •SOLD•

Brigitte Bardot with vintage sunglasses – 140 x 100 cm

Brigitte Bardot (destroyed in warehouse fire)

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Brigitte Bardot sitting in car (destroyed in warehouse fire)

Brigitte Bardot between the sheets – SOLD

Brigitte Bardot undressing – 150 x 100 cm

Brigitte Bardot ‘Draw me like one of your French girls’ – SOLD

Brigitte Bardot with woolly gloves •SOLD•

Brigitte Bardot biting her lip 100 x 120 cm