Exhibitions & Events

* * * * * N O W * * * * *

Online auction, Catawiki. Auction of the 6 James Bond actors sculpture installation. Bidding possible until 17 October at 8 PM (CET). Click here to place a bid


  1. St-Katelijne Waver, Belgium, Sint-Michielskasteel, Groenstraat 13. Exhibition in beautiful castle with great bar, restaurant, park.
  2. Knokke-Zoute, Belgium, Never Give Up Art Gallery, Zeedijk 717, Knokke-Zoute (next door to Glacerie Post). Exhibition of 2 paintings: Brigitte Bardot and Winston Churchill.
  3. Knokke-Heist, Belgium, hotel LA RESERVE, Elizabetlaan 160, Knokke-Heist. In the hotel bar: exhibition of “Bullit” painting (Vintage Portrait of Steve McQueen and his iconic Ford Mustang). Exclusive hotel, bar and restaurant.
  4. Mechelen, Belgium, Kasteel Tivoli, Antwerpsesteenweg 92. Exhibition in beautiful castle with great bar and restaurant.
  5. Online art gallery Walter Spruyt:  ArtPrice

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* * * * * 2020-2021 * * * * *

Knokke-Zoute, Belgium, during Zoute Grand Prix, open air live painting at NeverGiveUp art gallery

London, UK, Auction by Catawiki of the Daniel Craig portrait

Damme, Belgium, Gallery22

Knokke, Belgium, Never Give Up Art Gallery

Lissewege, Belgium, De Goedendag

Kontich, Belgium, Art-Restaurant Condacum

Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium, Sint-Michielskasteel

Knokke-Heist, Belgium, La Reserve

Mechelen, Belgium, Kasteel Tivoli

Kapellen, Belgium, Dussolier Classics

Online, Art Price art gallery Walter Spruyt

* * * * * 2019 * * * * *

Knokke, Belgium, Never Give Up Art Gallery, October 2019 (during Knokke Art)

Lissewege, Belgium, De Goedendag, November 2019

Kontich, Belgium, Art-Restaurant Condacum, November 2019

Lint, AED film studios, Donkeyparade auction, October 2019 (auction of the James Bond donkey)

Knokke, Belgium, Never Give Up Art Gallery, October 2019 (during Zoute Grand Prix)

Antwerp, Belgium, Lazy Jack, Summer 2019

Knokke, Belgium, La Reserve

Brugge (Bruges), Belgium, Anthony Short Gallery, Summer 2019

Knokke, Belgium, Never Give Up Art Gallery, August 2019

Online, Art Price art gallery Walter Spruyt

* * * * * 2015-2018 * * * * *

Monaco, FAIRMONT, Salle de Mer

Mechelen, Belgium, KASTEEL TIVOLI

Brielle, The Netherlands, Galerie VAN BELLEN ART

Mougins, France, LIFETIME Art Gallery, artist in residence

Willemstad, The Netherlands, Galerie VAN BELLEN ART

Megève, France, Biennale

Cannes, France, during CANNES FILM FESTIVAL

* * * * * 2014 * * * * *

New York, USA, ART EXPO NEW YORK, pier 94, Manhattan

Mechelen, Belgium, TIVOLI CASTLE

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, EXCELLENT ART

Villefranche-sur-mer, France, CHATEAU LA CIMA, org: Galerie Oscar

Cannes, France, ROCHE CLINE, ”The spirit of the late Estée Lauder”, org: Galerie Oscar

Knokke, Belgium, ART NOCTURNE

Passignano sul Trasimeno, Italy

Zandhoven, Belgium, Open Domain

* * * * * 2013 * * * * *

Mechelen, Belgium, TIVOLI CASTLE

Cannes, La Californie, France, VILLA ROCHE CLINE

Knokke, Belgium, ECCENTRIC


Monte-Carlo, Monaco, ART MONACO, Grimaldi Forum, Nina Torres Art Gallery

Mechelen, Belgium, SISERA ART

* * * * * 2012 * * * * *

Miami, Florida, USA, ART BASEL MIAMI, Miami River Art Fair

Antwerp, Belgium, XTREME LAB art gallery

Antwerp, Belgium, GALLERIE CAMPO, Vlaamse Kaai


Miami, Florida, USA, NINA TORRES Art Gallery

Antwerp, Belgium, BERNAERTS auction

Antwerp, Belgium, Stadsschouwburg, live painting of Sir Richard Branson before an audience of 1,600 visitors, business people, politicians, students and international press



Nürnberg, Germany, ART FAIR

Miami, Florida, USA, NINA TORRES Art Gallery

Miami, Florida, USA, SEAFAIR Int’l Art Fair

* * * * * 2011 * * * * *

Miami, Florida, USA, ART BASEL MIAMI, Miami Solo

Paris, France, Natexpo

Mougins, France, Royal Mougins Golf

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Nürnberg, Germany

* * * * * 2010 * * * * *

Miami, Florida, USA, ART BASEL MIAMI, Solo Art

Antwerp, Belgium, MO KIDDO Contemporary Art Gallery

Paris, France, FIAC, Pont Alexandre III

Knokke, Belgium, ART NOCTURNE

* * * * * 2009 * * * * *

Monaco, SOTHEBY’S auction



* * * * * 2008 * * * * *

New York, USA, REUTERS World’s largest billboard on TIMES SQUARE shows Peter Engels’ Nelson Mandela portrait on Mandela’s birthday.

* * * * * 2007 * * * * *

Antwerp, Belgium, CAMPO & CAMPO Art Gallery

Kortrijk, Belgium, CLASSICA

Schilde, Belgium, KWADRAAT Gallery

* * * * * 1984 – 2006 * * * * *


Peter Engels had his first solo exhibition in 1984 where he sold nearly every painting he made. Since then, for more than 35 years, he had exhibitions all over the world. He has paintings hanging in every continent. Some years he had up to 8 exhibitions. He sold over 600 paintings. In 2005 exhibiting came abruptly to an end when in spring his father died. After many years of painting the most diverse subjects including landscapes, Peter Engels changed to the most difficult discipline in art: portrait painting. Since then he stept up a level. Higher artistic value in his work and more selective in his exhibitions. This high quality is his fierce reaction against abstract art which he says: “Contemporary artists, critics and art professionals are very often hiding their lack of time, knowhow, technique and style behind incompetent and shocking abstract visuals. They explain their ‘art’ with pseudo philosophic stories. Tempted by the fast and easy way, art is no longer an ‘art’. It is time for an ‘Art Revolution’. Back to beauty. Back to value, technique and quality. The pendulum has reached the dark suburbs of art and is bound to turn back to its centre.” VIDEO Vintage painted portraits by artist Peter Engels

Vintage painted portraits by artist Peter Engels