Art by Peter Engels

Peter Engels portrait painter and sculptor

Peter Engels painted hundreds of portraits. These are the 6 most important:

  1. Peter Engels’ portrait of Nelson Mandela was displayed on Reuters’ largest billboard of the world on Times Square, New York, on Mandela’s birthday.
  2. Prince Albert of Monaco bought the portrait painting of Grace Kelly.
  3. Nicole Kidman lived in Peter Engels’ home town and he painted her Vintage Portrait.
  4. He painted Estée Lauder’s portrait for her villa in Cannes, France.
  5. Richard Branson was painted ‘live’ in front of an audience of 1,600 people.
  6. Karl Lagerfeld said that Peter Engels is the ‘painter of the soul’

Impressive pallet knife technique and signature

The art by Peter Engels is unique, contemporary and above all, refreshingly innovatory. Peter Engels calls his paintings Vintage Portraits. His art inspires many people around the world. Art commissions are also welcome. Have Peter Engels paint your idol, partner or friend.

Peter Engels exclusively paints with the palette knife, conferring the oeuvre a texture that catches the light beautifully.

When watching Peter Engels’ work, do this exercise: look at the work from up close and then gradually step back and view it from a distance. The effect is impressive. Enjoy.

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