Richard Branson LIVE painting

Exclusive Richard Branson ‘live’ portrait painting co-signed by him: A captivating moment in history

Here is a moment of unparalleled significance as we unveil the Richard Branson ‘Live’ Portrait Painting. A masterpiece that transcends time and convention. Witness the convergence of artistry and celebrity as renowned portrait painter Peter Engels immortalizes the Virgin tycoon in a captivating close-up portrait, crafted live during an interview in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium.

Portrait master Peter Engels created this unique sepia-toned masterpiece capturing the essence of Sir Richard Branson in his element. Measuring an impressive 2 meters wide, this larger-than-life canvas not only portrays Branson’s magnetic presence but also encapsulates the dynamic energy of the moment, with the iconic Antwerp city skyline serving as a backdrop.

Branson Modeled ‘live’. In a moment of unprecedented access, Sir Richard Branson graciously took center stage as Peter Engels’ muse, modeling live for an audience of 1,600 distinguished guests, including international press, politicians, students, and entrepreneurs. Against the backdrop of a captivating interview, Branson’s philosophy and entrepreneurial wisdom came to life, immortalised in each stroke of Engels’ palette knife.

Sir Richard’s signature on the painting. As the interview reached its crescendo, Sir Richard Branson bestowed a rare honor upon the portrait, co-signing the canvas in the upper left corner. This singular act not only validates the painting’s authenticity but also enhances its intrinsic value, transforming it into an iconic symbol of Branson’s enduring legacy.

Investment in History. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of history with the Richard Branson ‘Live’ Portrait Painting. Whether you’re a devoted admirer of Branson’s visionary leadership or a connoisseur of fine art, this one-off unique masterpiece offers an unparalleled glimpse into the intersection of art and celebrity. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this extraordinary legacy.

ArtistPeter EngelsMediumAcrylic on canvasSize (W x H) 200 x 100 cmContactart@peterengels.euPrice50,000 euro

Richard Branson LIVE painted by artist Peter Engels

For this unique portrait painting Richard Branson modelled live and co-signed the canvas (top left corner).

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