James Bond actor Sean Connery with martini (destroyed in warehouse fire)

James Bond actor Sean Connery with martini. Here’s a toast to you. Vintage portrait painting of James Bond actor Sean Connery toasting with a martini shaken not stirred. Although Peter Engels creates his paintings with a colourful pallet, they have a monotonous aspect. Mark the dash of cadmium yellow in the lemon twist. The image is totally new. It doesn’t exist as a photograph. It is a 1-off unique original. Peter Engels spends a lot of effort in the exact right light and shadow. 140 x 100 cm. Painted with the pallet knife. If you ever have the chance to stand close to one of Peter Engels’ paintings, do this test: stand back an slowly walk up to the painting. The closer you get the more abstract it looks because of the pallet knife strokes. Painted on the best quality Brussels cotton. Sadly the painting was completely lost in a warehouse fire.

About the original artwork:
– Painted with the pallet knife
– The artist used his special mixed colors
– The cocktail was painted with real Martini shaken not stirred, you could lick the painting and taste it
– On the finest Brussels cotton canvas
– Stretched on a wooden frame reinforced by aluminum
– The painting was accompanied by a separate painted quote

ArtistPeter EngelsMediumAcrylic on canvasSize (W x H) 140 x 100 cm & 140 x 30 cm

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