Sophia Loren with her Mercedes Gullwing

Sophia Loren & her Mercedes Gullwing: A Vintage Masterpiece by Peter Engels
Dive into a world where art, cinema, fashion and classic cars intersect. Peter Engels, celebrated for his unique palette knife technique, introduces this masterpiece: a captivating depiction of the iconic Italian actress, Sophia Loren, alongside her 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing.
Gifted to her by boyfriend and famed filmmaker, Carlo Ponti, the car has become as legendary as the actress herself. Engels paints a stunning tableau, imagining Sophia Loren posing elegantly for him during the Rally del Cinema; a journey from Rome’s historic streets, culminating a thousand kilometers north in the coastal town of Sanremo.
Over time, the 300SL Gullwing changed hands and stories, and its connection with Sophia Loren faded until it was rediscovered in a sorry state, re-emerging as the “Sophia Loren Gullwing”. its legacy is now immortalized on a canvas of 100 x 200 cm. Peter Engels received congratulations from the proud owner of the Gullwing.
Peter Engels’ painting, bathed in sepia tones, evokes a sense of nostalgia. The vintage aesthetic serves as a heartfelt nod to the golden era of cinema and automotive design. Peter Engels’ masterful strokes capture not only Sophia Loren’s timeless beauty but also the iconic car’s sleek elegance, transporting viewers back to an age of glamour and sophistication.
Experience this exquisite union of history and artistry, and let Peter Engels’ vision inspire your own journey through time. The Antwerp ‘Goodwood Art Gallery’ exhibiting only automotive art, displays this painting among other celebrity car paintings like Brigitte Bardot in her Mustang, George Clooney and his Corvette and the ‘Back to the Future’ duo Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd with the DeLorean time machine. The ultimate mancave centerpieces that could gain in value while enjoying them.

ArtistPeter EngelsMediumAcrylic on canvasSize (W x H) 100 x 200 cmContactart@peterengels.euPriceSOLD

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