Why collecting art by Peter Engels?

Frida Kahlo-Art by Peter Engels
Frida Kahlo-Art by Peter Engels

You buy art because you find it beautiful, but it would be great if that art also retains its value or even becomes more valuable. Below, you will read why art by Peter Engels is worth collecting.

Peter Engels became world-famous when he painted the portrait of Nelson Mandela. The painting appeared on the largest billboard in the world in Times Square, New York, when Mandela turned 90. The international press wrote that Peter Engels had succeeded in capturing Mandela’s soul on canvas, giving a boost to his career.

The fact that Prince Albert of Monaco purchased Peter Engels’ portrait of his mother, Princess Grace Kelly, added another layer of prestige.

Peter Engels exhibits worldwide, his art was in New York, Miami (during Art Basel), France, Monaco, Germany… He has art on every continent. Prominent figures want to be portrayed by him, commission paintings from him, and his art is praised with acclaim, as you will read further on.

Despite facing significant emotional setbacks, Peter Engels doesn’t give up and continues to create outstanding portraits in his own unique style, using a palette knife and a limited color palette. This makes him the finest palette knife painter in the most challenging art discipline: portraits. That’s why you should have original art by Peter Engels in your collection.

Peter Engels’ stunning effect

When you look at Peter Engels’ work, try this exercise: observe the artwork up close and then gradually step back and view it from a distance. The effect is impressive! The strokes of the pallette knife is so bold that the painting appears abstract. From afar, you see the portrait in all its glory. Characteristic features of his style are the close-up focus on eyes and mouth, while the rest serves as decorative elements that seem to fall off the canvas.

Peter Engels aspires to paint intensively, exhibit globally, and showcase his work at the best international art fairs such as FIAC (Paris), Art Basel (Basel & Miami), Frieze (London & New York), The Armory (New York), and Tefaf (Maastricht).

If you appreciate Peter Engels’ vintage style and acquire one or more of his artworks, it would be a great bonus if the value of the pieces continues to appreciate over time.