Since 2009, the value of Peter Engels’ artworks has steadily risen. This trend began when his painted portrait of Nelson Mandela was featured on the world’s largest billboard in Times Square, New York, to celebrate Mandela’s 90th birthday. This high-profile exposure catapulted Engels into the international art scene. Following this success, Prince Albert of Monaco purchased a portrait of his mother, Princess Grace Kelly, further cementing Engels’ reputation. Shortly after, Engels painted a portrait of fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, garnering more attention from the elite.

Richard Branson’s desire to be painted live by Engels, culminating in a co-signed portrait, significantly boosted the artist’s profile. This led to commissions from other celebrities, further driving up the value of his works. Engels’ paintings have become highly sought after, proving to be excellent investments for collectors. His pieces are now exhibited internationally, with a global clientele keen to acquire his art.

Additional indicators of Engels’ rising value include the increasing frequency of his works appearing in prestigious auctions, fetching higher prices with each sale. Moreover, art critics and connoisseurs have consistently praised his unique style, adding to his acclaim and market value. Engels’ strategic collaborations and the steady demand for his portraits have solidified his international status as a prominent and valuable contemporary artist.